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The CRI Nuance multispectral imaging camera is available for use at the CMIF in conjunction with the Zeiss Axioskop microscope. Users may also use the Nuance camera with their own microscope systems following training; however, remote use requires a software license and an adapter for microscope attachment. Training is performed on an individual basis. Please allow at least 24 hours notice when requesting initial training.


The cost of the Nuance/Axioskop system is $5 per hour. The cost of remote use is $5 per hour.


The nuance camera enables imaging of multiple molecular markers in tissue sections for both fluorescence and brightfield microscopy, even when they are co-localized. Nuance can also eliminate problems stemming from the presence of autofluorescence often present in tissue samples. Using tunable filters, the camera can acquire spectral information from a sample resulting in component images. The various signals from multiple labels in the resulting image are “unmixed” by the software and a composite image is produced (see sample image).
Tips: To obtain the best possible result, it is critical to include samples stained with single components for determining the spectra of chromogens or fluorophores of interest. Use one or more sections for each label.