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Our Mission and Staff

The mission of the Campus Microscopy and Imaging Facility is to provide microscopy advice, education and instrument training for the research community. The highly experienced CMIF staff is committed to providing the researcher with publication quality, high resolution images for use in manuscripts and grant applications.

Paul Stoodley, PhD

Paul received his undergraduate degree in environmental sciences from Lancaster University and his PhD in biological sciences from Exeter University. He brings a wealth of expertise to the position, with over 25 years of experience in biofilm research. Paul served as professor of microbial tribology with the National Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton University in the UK. While there, he conducted industrially funded collaborations with Southampton General Hospital and the National Oceanographic Centre on developing medical imaging techniques to detect bacterial biofilms in central venous catheters, orthopaedic and dental implants, as well as the early detection of marine biofouling on ship hulls. He also served as associate professor of microbiology and immunology with Drexel University, and vice-director of imaging at the Center for Genomic Sciences at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh. He joined Ohio State in 2013. For more information regarding Paul’s research, please visit his webpage:

Sara Cole, PhD
Assistant Director

Sara Cole received her Ph.D. in 2001 from the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at The Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine. Sara has extensive experience in the field of cancer research that has included the use of fluorescent labeling technologies and practical experience of wide-field, confocal and live-cell imaging techniques. Sara oversees the Visitech Infinity 3 live-cell imaging confocal, and Olympus FV1000 Multiphoton equipment.
Angela Blissett, PhD

Angela Blissett, Ph.D. is an Electron Microscopist at the CMIF specializing in both transmission and scanning electron microscopy. Dr. Blissett earned her doctoral degree in Biophysics at The Ohio State University in 2011. She has amassed over ten years’ experience with TEM imaging and sample preparation throughout her graduate and post-doctoral research and joined CMIF staff in 2016. Dr. Blissett is a Certified Electron Microscopy Technologist with the Microscopy Society of America and now serves on the Certification Board.
Brian Kemmenoe, Bsc

Brian Kemmenoe is an experienced light and electron microscopist. He has a Bsc in Applied Biology and has significant expertise in fluorescence microscopy using both wide-field and confocal microscopes. Brian has a strong research background and expertise in the preparation of biological specimens for SEM and TEM. He has responsibility for our state-of-the-art digital high-resolution SEM, the FEI NOVA nanoSEM 400. He really enjoys working with students and staff to help them achieve their research goals using the CMIF microscopes.