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Our Mission and Staff

The mission of the Campus Microscopy and Imaging Facility is to provide microscopy advice, education and instrument training for the research community. The highly experienced CMIF staff is committed to providing the researcher with publication quality, high resolution images for use in manuscripts and grant applications.

Paul Stoodley, PhD

Paul received his undergraduate degree in environmental sciences from Lancaster University and his PhD in biological sciences from Exeter University. He has over 25 years of experience in biofilm research. Paul served as professor of microbial tribology with the National Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton University in the UK where he conducted industrially funded collaborations to develop medical imaging techniques. He also served as associate professor of microbiology and immunology with Drexel University, and vice-director of imaging at the Center for Genomic Sciences at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh. He joined Ohio State in 2013. For more information regarding Paul’s research and experience, please visit his webpage: https://medicine.osu.edu/mii/faculty/paulstoodley/pages/index.aspx

Tong Zhang, PhD
Associate Director

Tong received his BSc in Biochemistry and PhD in Biology from McGill University. Tong has over 15 years of experience in microscopy and will take a leadership role in the execution of technical and management functions in CMIF. Tong brings a wealth of experience with varied light microscopy techniques. Tong has applied his microscopy knowledge and skills in many fields of studies and published in top tier journals. Tong has won many local and international microscopy competition awards. Tong provides professional trainings to ensure users to accomplish high quality research. He will also provide consultation to users and help researchers to transfer their scientific questions into microscopy solutions.

Jeffrey R. Tonniges, PhD
Senior Research Associate - TEM and Light Microscopy Technologist

Jeff has over 10 years of experience with light microscopy and over 7 years of experience with electron microscopy. He received an MS in physics from Creighton University and a PhD in biophysics from the Ohio State University. Jeff has considerable expertise in applying standard and advanced techniques in light and electron microscopy to a diverse array of research questions. In particular, he is interested in quantitative image analysis, and developing new microscopy protocols and techniques. Jeff enjoys working with others to achieve their research goals

Brian Kemmenoe, Bsc

Brian Kemmenoe is an experienced light and electron microscopist. He has a Bsc in Applied Biology and has significant expertise in fluorescence microscopy using both wide-field and confocal microscopes. Brian has a strong research background and expertise in the preparation of biological specimens for SEM and TEM. Brian can help with brightfield and confocal microscopy and SEM sample preparation and imaging. He really enjoys working with students and staff to help them achieve their research goals using the CMIF systems.